Who We Are

Our Mission

THRIVE Africa Foundation creates a platform on which the community can become sustainable. The platform includes physical buildings like a learning centre (a primary school, a secondary school, an adult education centre and a media centre), clinic or healing centre, aquaponics farming and volunteer accommodation. It also includes the support in terms of training, school learning system, volunteering programs and skills development.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to see the community become sustainable and thrive on their own terms and conditions.

khomani san community

For approximately 180 000 years the San or Bushmen have  been roaming around Southern Africa. They are the oldest first nation of the world. Anthropologically, they are one of the most studied people in the world, because their DNA and their lives tells us so much about our past as humans. Their history, their beliefs and the energy in which they carry themselves are absolutely fascinating.

The Khomani-San community are one of the Bushmen communities. In the modern world however, they face many transitional challenges. They have asked us for assistance and therefore by default asked for your assistance as they make this transition.

If you would like more information about the bushmen or the Khomani San community or you have questions about the project(s) in general;

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Meet Our compassionate Team

Errol Meyer : Founder & Director

Ronell Smedley : Co-Founder & Director

Dirk Pienaar : Khomani San Representative & Director

Krzysztof (Kris) Jaxa-Kwiatkowski : European Liaison & Non-executive Director

Errol P Meyer
Errol Meyer
Ronell Smedley
Ronell Smedley
Dirk Pienaar
Dirk Pienaar
Kris Jaxa-Kwiatkowski